Zillion Moe ’23 given the tools for a career in finance during local internship

Moe, a finance and entrepreneurship major, spent the eight-week program interning with Milestone Wealth Management.

The Campus Alamance initiative provides students the opportunity to take the skills they’ve acquired at Elon to go out into the community and apply those skills working with some of the university’s most important community partners. 

Several of the 40 interns who participated this summer shared their experience in the program and the lessons they’ve learned working in the community for eight weeks in this series of articles for Today at Elon. 

Like many college students, Zillion Moe ’23 had trouble finding an internship in his junior year. With one opportunity after another failing to materialize, Elon’s Campus Alamance initiative offered him a chance to get closer to his career goals and set himself up for success.

“The Campus Alamance program is one of the best opportunities that Elon has provided for their students,” said Moe, a finance and entrepreneurship major who spent the eight-week-long program with Milestone Wealth Management. “Because of the program, you get to see that there’s so much that your community brings to you and offers, and you can provide back to them.”

The Campus Alamance initiative has just concluded its second year on campus and provided 40 Elon students with internships from 28 community partners. Students worked 20 to 30 hours per week for the eight-week program and attended weekly…

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