Business Management

For business owners, work is more than a job. Many have invested years building their business, navigating business cycles and being responsible for its workforce. Whether you need capital to expand, are looking to sell your company or are an executive seeking guidance managing stock options and retirement plans, Bastion Balance has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Like you, at Bastion Balance we understand that people are our greatest asset. We understand your desire to look after your employees. Your Bastion Balance advisor can assist you in establishing and managing company retirement plans. There are many options available and we can guide you through the wide array of financial products to secure the financial futures of your employees.

Selling a successful business and succession planning are another element of wealth management. Building a successful business takes years, and it’s often a large part of your net worth and your life. Whether doing estate planning, considering selling your business outright or being bought out by a partner, transition strategies are complex and require careful consideration. Your Bastion Balance advisor can work with your tax and legal professionals to make sure you understand your options, and guide you and your company through all the necessary steps.

Bastion Balance – Supporting business owners from sole proprietorships and professionals to multinational corporations through multiple economic cycles.

Business Management

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We thought a lot before choosing Bastion Balance because we wanted to be sure our investments would yield returns. Service and results both excellent.

C. Keller – Zurich
Business Owner, Import-Export Trading Company

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