Providing For Family

Every family is unique. What all families have in common is the need to plan. Your family dynamic may include paying for a college education, providing for a child with special needs and caring for aging parents. Whatever your situation, your Bastion Balance advisor will help you address all the nuances of planning to care for your family, without having to sacrifice your own financial future.

The best time to start planning for your child or grandchild’s education is when they are young, but it’s never too late. You want to give the next generation in your family the best chances to achieve their own goals. Children with special needs need to be taken care of, often into their adult lives. Your Bastion Balance advisor can incorporate these concerns into your wealth management plan.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may need to help care for an aging parent, just as they once cared for you. Healthcare costs are rising, long-term care is expensive and people are living longer. Anticipating potential expenses is complicated. Once again, your Bastion Balance advisor will help you work through projected costs to make sure you’re in a position to provide for your loved ones should the need arise, without compromising your own financial security.

Bastion Balance – Looking after your portfolio so you can look after your loved ones is a fundamental part of holistic wealth management.

Providing For Family

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