Preserving My Wealth

You work hard to be successful and grow your wealth. Naturally, you want to preserve it and secure your future. Your Bastion Balance advisor has the knowledge and expertise to protect your investments while ensuring your growth, income and liquidity needs are met. Strategies start with establishing sufficient diversification, and employing regular portfolio rebalancing. Holistic wealth management takes into account every area of your life. We consider the role that estate planning, insurance and tax sheltering can play in mitigating risk, and we establish plans for scenarios that may be of concern to you. Together, your advisor will work with you to prepare for everything life throws your way – both the expected and the unexpected.

Fundamentally, Bastion Balance adheres to a philosophy of conservative growth. Our research team and investment advisors play a dual role avoiding unnecessary risk in all client portfolios. Our analysts ensure the quality of our recommendations, and your personal advisor makes sure every investment is appropriate for your individual risk tolerance.

Bastion Balance – Fortifying your assets to maximize your peace of mind. Structuring your portfolio as a bulwark within which to grow.

Preserving My Wealth

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We thought a lot before choosing Bastion Balance because we wanted to be sure our investments would yield returns. Service and results both excellent.

C. Keller – Zurich
Business Owner, Import-Export Trading Company

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