Growing My Wealth

Regardless of your investment goals, your Bastion Balance advisor will collaborate with you to create a wealth management plan based on your individual goals, risk tolerance and timeline. Establishing an investment portfolio is a complex undertaking. The first step is establishing asset allocation parameters. From there, we identify specific investments to meet those parameters. Your advisor monitors the financial markets and all of your investments, keeping in regular communication to keep you on track.

Articulating your goals is the first step to establishing your personal investment plan. “Wealth” means different things to different people. Once we clarify where you want to go, we map out the safest and most effective route to get you there.

Your personal investment plan takes many things into consideration. For instance, what rate of growth is necessary to meet your needs? What is your risk tolerance, and is it appropriate? What are your liquidity concerns and when might you need access to funds? The answers to these questions guide your advisor to make personal recommendations from a wide range of assets that have been vetted by our industry-leading research department.

Effective portfolio management focuses on achieving long-term goals while managing risk. Your advisor is always there to help you navigate the inevitable periods of volatility in the financial markets, as well as adapting your investments to changes in your life situation and timeline.

Bastion Balance – Working step-by-step, together, creating a map to your future and helping you navigate along the way.

Growing My Wealth

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