Your 2022 Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race campaign finance cheat sheet

Pennsylvania’s 2022 U.S. Senate primaries are creeping closer, and with new campaign finance reports finally out, candidates and election-watchers alike can now catch a glimpse of who had the most cash heading into 2022. 

A fuller picture will be revealed when the next set of reports are filed in April, given that two GOP candidates – former hedge fund executive Dave McCormick and Philadelphia attorney George Bochetto – joined the race just last month and weren’t required to file reports yet. But the new campaign finance filings, which cover the full 2021 calendar year, still provide a glimpse of which candidates were successful fundraisers last year and which candidates floundered. 

Below, City & State outlines key statistics of the top five fundraisers in the state’s U.S. Senate race from each political party, based on full-year campaign finance data through the end of 2021 from the Federal Election Commission. 


Jeff Bartos

Total contributions: $2,065,189.78

Personal loans: $1,240,000

Operating expenditures: $819,548.15

Cash on hand: $2,480,109

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Montgomery County real estate developer Jeff Bartos may not be putting in the fundraising numbers that high-profile Democrats are, but he was still one of the better fundraisers in the GOP race in 2021. He has also found success in multiple GOP caucus straw polls, and it will be intriguing to see if Bartos can overcome the massive amount of personal cash that his other…

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