World Wildlife Fund (WWF) taking A Stand On Global Sustainable Finance


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was established in 1961 by a group of nature enthusiasts who wanted to protect habitat and species which were threatened by human development. Since then, WWF has become a prominent partner in the nature risk and global sustainable finance arena.

After the recent COP27 Climate Change meeting in Egypt and before the COP15 Bio-diversity meeting in Montreal, I had the opportunity to learn about WWF viewpoints on meeting outcomes and expectations, as well as their wide-ranging policy initiatives.

I spoke with Maud Abdelli, Lead, Greening Financial Regulation Initiative (GFRI) and Benjamin Hunt, Senior Policy Advocate, International Climate Finance, Policy & Government Affairs.

F – How did WWF get involved in global sustainable finance issues?

WWF has worked on sustainable finance for over a decade, engaging banks, insurers, investors, regulators and policy makers to ensure the financial system…

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