These Are Americans’ Top 10 Financial Resolutions for 2023

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Did any of these make your list?

Key points

  • Establishing financial goals for the year could help you meet them.
  • Sticking to resolutions like these could help your financial picture improve.
  • Top financial resolutions for Americans include spending less, building an emergency fund, and filing taxes early.

The start of a new year is a great time to map out different goals. Those goals might be health-related, social, or financial. And if you’re curious as to what people are pledging in terms of the latter category, here are Americans’ top financial resolutions as per a recent survey by Principal.

1. Spending less money

The less money you spend, the more you can save — it’s that simple. Following a budget is a good way to keep your spending in check, as is having a system in place for avoiding impulse buys. That could mean making shopping lists before hitting stores and/or shopping only with cash and leaving your credit cards behind.

2. Putting more money into a savings account

You may want to boost your savings account balance so you can put money toward a car or purchase a home. Or maybe you’re saving for a vacation. Sticking to a budget could help you meet your savings goals, but it also pays to look at automating the process by arranging for a portion of each paycheck you collect to bounce from your checking account to your savings account at the start of the month.

3. Building an emergency fund

You never know when an unplanned bill might land…

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