Talking Tennis and Financial Freedom With Sem Verbeek

Sem Verbeek is an up-and-coming tennis professional who has his eye on winning championships and promoting financial freedom for his fellow athletes. Foolishly.

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This video was recorded on October 12, 2022.

David Gardner: An undeniable truth reflecting on the state of our global culture today is that we humans like sports. I’m thinking most of all that we are fans of sports. Now, many of us, self excluded, are avid, and in some cases accomplished, athletes in one or another of hundreds of sports, but that’s still a rarefied crowd. The reason we use a phrase like “weekend warrior” to speak of some older person who plays tennis on the weekends is that in doing so, she is separating herself from her peers. She’s not just a dime-a-dozen kind of a person. She plays tennis on the weekends. Every weekend. She’s a warrior.

As many warriors as there are, there are far more fans. And perhaps like you, dear listener, I too am a fan, and a fan of a lot of sports. Because of this undeniable truth that humans like sports, think of the worldwide popularity of a single sport, football.

The billions of fans and dollars, the avidity and resources driving just that one sport. Because of this undeniable truth that humans like sports, well, those who play them professionally, the…

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