Starbucks To Accept Reusable Cups

(RTTNews) – Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) will accept reusable cups from customers in the U.S later in June. The company had stopped the use of reusable cups in March 2020 due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic.

The company said that customers can bring in their personal cups to company-owned locations across the United States from June 22. This move is part of the coffee chain’s strategy to go back to pre-pandemic days.

While filling a customer’s personal cup, the Starbucks barista will first check to see if the cup is clean and place it in a ceramic vessel. The drink will be made without any contact with the cup, and the customer can take delivery of their drink at the handoff area of the counter. Only clean cups will be accepted and reusable cups have not been introduced in drive-thru lanes, the company added.

This step by the coffee chain is indicative of the fact things are getting back to normal in the U.S with restaurants and retailers easing restrictions. Last month, Starbucks and many other businesses allowed fully vaccinated customers to opt out of masks in stores.