Qatar Airways Moves Financial Planning to Oracle Cloud

DOHA, Qatar — Qatar Airways is working with Oracle Cloud to support its financial planning as it rebounds from the pandemic and continues its global expansion.

Qatar Airways implemented Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) for its financial teams to gain the transparency and flexibility needed for more accurate planning, budgeting, and forecasting, according to Oracle this month.

The improved processes are intended to help the airline increase agility, improve insights, and enhance business decision making across the enterprise.

The airline’s existing systems and manual processes could not scale to keep pace with the company’s expansion. The enterprise needed to automate and streamline its financial and planning processes to more effectively control and manage resources and investments, improve reporting capabilities, and align the organization behind its expansion plans. 

Qatar Airways is now “quickly returning to its pre-pandemic network” of 180 destinations and resuming its expansion program.

Oracle Cloud EPM helps Qatar Airways better connect operational and financial data across HR, finance, supply chain, and sales to improve management insights, accelerate decision making, and enhance the company’s business modeling and planning. 

Moving business processes to Oracle Cloud EPM also enabled the company to eliminate manual processes in financial reporting to improve the speed, accuracy, and insights of reports.

“The airline sector…

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