Planning for telecommunications CDR rules and open finance are underway

Image: Getty Images

The federal government has formally designated telecommunications as the next sector to see the Consumer Data Right (CDR).

A sector can only be part of the CDR regime after the federal government formally designates what classes of information or data can be used in applying the regime into that specific sector.

For the telecommunications sector, the classes of information designated for applying the CDR will be generic and publicly available product data, product data that relates to particular products used by consumers, and basic consumer and account data such as data available to consumers on their bills or through online accounts or mobile apps.

Now the formal designation is complete, the government will commence consultation with industry and government stakeholders on the rules and standards to apply to the telecommunications sector.

According to the federal government, the end goal of CDR expansion into telecommunications will be to provide consumers with access to more accurate information about their internet consumption, phone usage, and product plans so they can more easily compare and switch between providers.

While the federal government is steaming ahead with telecommunications CDR planning, industry body Communications Alliance said a regulatory…

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