Mayoral candidates campaign finance reports

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It takes quite a bit of money to run for political office. And the race for Sioux Falls mayor is no different. Tonight we take a look at the most recent campaign finance disclosure reports for all three mayoral candidates

Incumbent Paul TenHaken and challengers Taneeza Islam and David Zokaites must all keep records of who is making donations and how much.

This information is available through the Sioux Falls City Clerk’s Office. The latest information available today is from march 3rd, it shows

Itemized direct contributions from individuals for David Zokaites show $2,191 and 99 cents.

For Paul TenaHaken that number jumps to $26,553 dollars and 25 cents, and for Taneeza Islam $34,350 dollars.

As of March 3rd, TenHaken was the only candidate to list contributions from “in-state” political action committees, listing three donations of a thousand dollars apiece from Sioux Empire Better government, AGC of South Dakota Building Chapter and the South Dakota Retailers Association.

When we break down itemized contributions from individuals you can see a marked difference between Islam and TenHaken. TenHaken lists fewer donors at higher dollar amounts, the most common being a one-thousand-dollar donation.

Islam’s itemized list shows more donations, some at smaller amounts, and a number of them coming from out of state.

“I’m really proud of my financial…

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