Live news updates: Asian markets fall as interest rate concerns persist

The long hot summer is drawing to a close. And while resolutions to the current economic and political strife appear a long way from resolution — the UK’s summer of discontent, for instance, is turning into an autumn of industrial unrest — we will enter a new season of leadership in the next seven days.

The UK’s Conservative party leadership election will (at last) be completed on Monday. Unless polling to data has been wildly inaccurate, Liz Truss will claim the prize and name a new cabinet. The FT will be providing full analysis of these events.

Sweden’s Magdalena Andersson is hoping to be reappointed as premier as her country goes to the polls on Sunday. Like both the outgoing and incoming British prime minister, Andersson rose to power in chaotic circumstances after her party had already governed the country for several years. Unlike the British PM, Andersson is more popular than her party and her rivals. This election, however, is much closer to call than that of the UK’s Conservative party vote.

US president Joe Biden will be out on the stump with November’s midterm elections very much on his mind. The week will end with reflection for the US as it passes the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Another Conservative party leadership election will also finish this Saturday, in Canada. The contest — kick-started in February with the resignation of Conservative party leader Erin O’Toole — makes the British Tory leadership contest look a bit rushed. But…

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