LaBruna broke campaign finance law, state says | News

REGIONAL—Anthony La­­Bruna, a candidate for Iowa Senate District 3, violated multiple state laws related to campaign finance over the last several months, according to Iowa authorities.

LaBruna has not reported any monetary contributions throughout his campaign and is under investigation by the Iowa Ethics Campaign Disclosure Board, the state’s election finance enforcement agency.

Another candidate, Zach Dieken, broke minor campaign finance rules. Running for Iowa House of Representatives District 5, Dieken received at least three contributions totaling at least $800 from improperly attributed sources since the start of his campaign late last year. He is not under investigation.

The LaBruna campaign’s alleged misconduct is more serious. IECDB head Zach Goodrich called it one of the worst violations he has worked with and started a formal investigation Thursday.

“This is, in my opinion, one of the more — if not, the most — egregious violation or at least alleged violation that I’ve seen,” Goodrich said.

As the IECDB director and head lawyer, Goodrich recommended the query to the board Thursday and received the go-ahead. The following morning, Goodrich reached out to the LaBruna campaign.

LaBruna told The N’West Iowa REVIEW that he had filed the correct paperwork and added that he has not been contacted by the IECDB as of Friday…

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