International: FInsight Live: The Global Financial Institutions Webinar Series

Watch and listen to Baker McKenzie specialists and industry experts talk about recent legal and commercial developments affecting financial institutions around the world.

Sustainability for Financial Institutions – Global Trends and the LatAm Perspective

What is Latin America’s perspective on sustainability for financial institutions? Our first webinar tackles global sustainability trends and the Latin American perspective. Keynote speakers were Martin Selmayr, former chief of staff to the then president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, and secretary general to the commission, and Leonardo Gava from the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI). The session was led by Baker McKenzie’s Gabriel Adrián Gómez Giglio, Head of Financial Institutions in Latin America, and Eva-Maria Ségur-Cabanac, Sustainability Lead for Financial Institutions.

We previously hosted a series of ESG Debt & Equity webinars. Sustainable finance as a trend and financing option has grown exponentially and shows no signs of slowing down. In this series of videos, our ESG debt and equity lawyers discuss key tips when considering raising sustainable finance, including the ever-evolving legal and regulatory requirements across regions.

ESG Ratings for Corporate Bonds: Why Do We Care and Why Should You Care?

Our London-based team, Rob Mathews, Ben Bierwirth and Elaine Baynham, consider some of the challenges posed by ESG ratings in the context of debt securities…

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