Infrastructure finance bill is a win-win for Alaska

Politics is often viewed as a zero-sum game in which one side wins at the expense of another, but the general obligation bond proposal introduced by my administration represents a win-win for Alaskans.

Known as GO bonds, this financing instrument for infrastructure projects must be approved first by the Legislature, and then by the voters in the general election.

I have always said that we must trust the people if we want them to trust us, and Alaskans will have their voices heard at the ballot box, as required in our constitution for the issuance of GO bonds.

I trust Alaskans, and I am confident in the case we can make to the people about the benefits of this proposal to build a safer, stronger state.

As proposed, my administration’s GO bond proposal requires financing for about $325 million to cover more than a dozen projects including roads, ports, harbors and airports.

A GO bond package approved by legislators and ultimately the voters is a means for Alaskans to control our own destiny.

The projects span the state from the Northwest to Southeast, and from the Interior to Southcentral.

In Southcentral, we have several projects that will all facilitate growth and promote safety. With far more pilots and aircraft per capita than any other state, we will expand and improve the regional airports in Palmer and Wasilla.

At Palmer, we will construct a new taxiway to reach additional lots, improve…

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