How to check how ‘safe’ your P2P lending platform is

All types of investing have their own risks but there are ways you can invest in peer-to-peer loans more safely.

The mainstream media often obsesses over P2P platform failures but there are plenty of established players that are regularly giving investors a decent rate of return.

Here is how to check how safe a P2P lending platform is.

All P2P lenders operating in the UK must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

You can see if a P2P lender is regulated by checking the FCA register on the City watchdog’s website.

A platform’s listing may also show any restrictions on its activity and the type of loans it can facilitate.

Wind-down plans
As part of being regulated, all platform must have a wind-down plan in place.

Many of these are available on a P2P lender’s website and they detail what happens if a platform collapses.

Knowing there is a plan in place can provide an investor with reassurance that they will know where their money is and who is handling it if things go wrong.

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Platform experience
Check the ‘about us’ page of a P2P lender to get a sense of the background of a platform’s founders and staff.

Check how much experience they have in areas such as P2P lending, assessing loans and recoveries.

Historical performance is no guarantee of future returns but it can give an indication of a platform’s lending policies and how loans will fare.

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