GZERO VIDEO: What does President Biden's 'build back better' slogan mean?

NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) – What does “build back better” really mean? It implies the world before the pandemic already needed a fair amount of fixing and there is a reason why the phrase is hitting home, says American political scientist Ian Bremmer.

Mr Bremmer says that a lot of people think today’s system is broken and United States President Joe Biden may see today’s calamities as a chance to cement his legacy.

“The administration’s American Families Plan, if enacted, would provide universal pre-K education, two years of community college, and access to childcare, a move seen by many as one of the most ambitious efforts to rewrite our current social contract,” said Mr Bremmer.

As part of Mr Biden’s “American Rescue Plan”, his administration also passed a US$1.9 trillion (S$2.5 trillion) Covid-19 stimulus in March, delivering US$1,400 stimulus checks to Americans earning below a certain threshold.

However, global political polarisation can make sweeping changes such as these hard to effect and renowned economist and London School of Economics director Minouche Shafik argues there are too many holes in the social safety net.

Speaking with Mr Bremmer in this GZERO video, they discuss global inequality, the possibilities of universal basic income and micropolitcal manoeuvres to boost countries’ healthcare systems.

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