Glen Lee named D.C.’s new chief financial officer

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D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) on Monday announced her nominee for the city’s new chief financial officer: Glen Lee, who has spent nearly 30 years in various roles for the city of Seattle, most recently as its finance director.

If confirmed, Lee would become the fifth person to occupy the independent office, which was created in 1995 through federal legislation that also established a financial control board to help oversee the District’s finances. The CFO carries a range of responsibilities, including making revenue projections and operating the city’s financial management system.

At a news conference Monday, Bowser touted advancements in the District’s financial stability in recent years — like reaching a Triple-A bond rating and building up the city’s 60-day cash reserve fund — successes she has attributed to the city’s former CFO, Jeffrey DeWitt, who resigned in March 2021 for a leadership role at the University of Kansas after a near-seven-year run. After DeWitt’s resignation, Bowser picked Fitzroy Lee, the city’s deputy CFO and chief economist, to serve out the remainder of DeWitt’s five-year term, which will end June 30.

Now, she’ll ask Glen Lee, 61, to help the city navigate the economic travails of the pandemic. She pointed to his experience and said that in addition to revenue estimates, he’ll be asked to take on duties that Bowser previously asked DeWitt to take on during his tenure, including a…

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