Fontana to require electronic campaign finance forms in 2022 election – San Bernardino Sun

Fontana will begin requiring elected officials and candidates for office file Fair Political Practices Commission, or FPPC, campaign finance forms electronically.

Until last week, the city only accepted paper documents.

Only in certain circumstances will hard copies be accepted by the City Clerk’s Office.

Approved unanimously by city leaders Dec. 14, the move is expected to increase efficiency and transparency.

Filing electronically will be required of those running for office in 2022.

Five current elected officials are up for reelection next year: Mayor Acquanetta Warren, Councilmen John Roberts and Phillip W. Cothran, City Clerk Tonia “Toni” Lewis and City Treasurer Janet Koehler-Brooks.

Several types of forms are required of elected officials and candidates by the FPPC, including Form 460, which reveals who has donated to a candidate’s campaign and when.

These forms will soon be available to view on the city’s website.

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