Exonerated Sharma may return to Finance Ministry, Maoist party members say

That the parliamentary probe committee has exonerated Janardan Sharma of tax tweak charges, speculations are rife he could return to lead the Finance Ministry, days after he resigned.

Those from Sharma’s party, the CPN (Maoist Centre), who have long been saying he would return to take up the post have once again raised the voice that he must make a comeback.

The Maoist Centre has yet to take a decision but concerns have been raised by political analysts and experts on economic affairs that Sharma’s return to the Finance Ministry could be disastrous.

“I don’t know how much his return to the Finance Ministry could affect the dynamics in the ruling coalition but what I can tell you is this will be bad for the country’s economic health, which is already in a bad shape,” said Rameshore Khanal, a former finance secretary.

“Decrease in revenue, failure to make payments like salaries and social security allowances, and increasing inflation are major concerns to which the current government is oblivious.”

The parliamentary probe committee, formed on July 6, submitted its report on Friday, absolving Sharma of all charges.

Sharma was accused of inviting two outsiders on the night of May 28 to alter tax rates. He presented the budget in Parliament on May 29.

Many had doubted the probe committee would actually find anything against Sharma the day it was formed, as such House panels in the past have exonerated the accused rather than carrying out genuine investigations.


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