Automating treasury management for commercial real estate with Nordkap


Nordkap is a Swedish treasury management company. Thanks to its exclusive dedication to the commercial real estate segment, the business has captured 80 percent of the market in its home country, and is now bringing its expertise to the UK. Fredrik Eriksson, Nordkap’s Head of International Sales, explains how the company’s cloud-based automation software can remove the friction of manual entry and error checking, giving treasury departments 15 percent savings in time alone, and growing alongside commercial real estate companies as their risk and debt management needs become more sophisticated. You can also watch the second half of this interview with Fredrik Eriksson, where he explains how Nordkap’s software can automatically compound the Bank of England’s new SONIA interest rate method.

World Finance: Fredrik, introduce us to Nordkap and the services you offer to your customers.

Fredrik Eriksson: We offer a risk and debt management system for the commercial real estate space. We started back in 2011, and what we see historically is that the people working in the functions of treasury work with a lot of manual entry – keeping track of what debt is maturing, when it’s maturing, and keeping track of all the cashflows that goes on within the debt structure of a portfolio.

What we do is, we automate that process. So interests are automatically updated, so they can easily access reports at their fingertips, with the click of a button. And therefore…

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