A Snapshot of SID Display Week 2021: BOE leads the way in display industry, bringing momentum to “China's moment”

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In order to move forward, you have to leave where you are now — this is an inspirational quote from bestseller Under the Tuscan Sun. With the rapid advancement of display technology, the global display industry is tapping into ever-growing new demands and heading towards a brighter future with countless scenarios and applications. As the burgeoning intelligent IoT stimulates people’s desire for optimal interactive experiences, displays are finding their way into almost all electronic and non-electronic devices, which has become an overwhelming trend. As observed from SID Display Week 2021, China’s display industry is leading the world in terms of industry size, development quality, application innovation and ecosystem building, among others. BOE, a global innovative IoT company, is the spearhead of China’s booming display industry.

A new era of value transition for the display industry

The 2021 World UHD Video industrial Conference (WUVIC) recently concluded in China and Display Week 2021 both signal a definite trend: displays are ubiquitous, so are services.

As the “first touchpoint” and a “key interface” of information interaction in the era of the IoT, displays will come standard on a multitude of IoT interface devices. Displays and services will be omnipresent in every corner of our life.

In addition to end devices like TVs, phones, PCs, laptops and tablets, the display industry also produces displays to meet the needs of a wide array of application scenarios such as transportation, finance, retail and mobility. This also raises higher requirements for display makers. 

Emerging display technologies such as OLED and Mini/Micro LED are racing ahead, and users always desire more amazing visual experiences and more efficient entries and interactions in the era of the IoT, bringing the display sector to a new stage of value transition.

Iterative innovation in display technologies and ecosystems should keep up with the era of the IoT. BOE, a global leader in the display industry, is ramping up its IoT transformation and application through innovation in basic capabilities, product forms and application ecosystems. All these are clearly manifested at Display Week 2021.

Now is “China’s moment”

With the advent of the Internet of Displays (IoD), China’s display industry is getting on the fast track. Take a glance of Display Week 2021 or the changes in our daily life, and it is easy to see that China’s display industry has come under the spotlight. Thanks to its advantages in industry size, development quality, application innovation and IoT ecosystem building, “China’s moment” has arrived.

In 2020, China held a worldwide market share of over 50% in the LCD segment, which still rules supreme. Notably, in 2020, BOE saw its shipment and shipment area of innovative products surge by over 60% and 70% year on year. It enjoyed the largest global market share in wearable displays, electronic labels, split screens and IoT applications in finance, and commanded the largest share of the flexible display market in China and second in the world.

BOE is also a global leader in Mini/Micro LED fused into a glass substrate. At Display Week 2021, the display giant showcased a next-generation LED display system-level solution backed by its proprietary active drive architecture and high-speed transfer printing technology. In the field of OLED, BOE has rolled out a wealth of world-leading flexible in-folding and out-folding products.

At Display Week 2021, BOE stood out from its peers with a total of 47 papers at the forefront of display technology innovation, R&D and applications. These papers give a glimpse of BOE’s cutting-edge solutions and share its insights on how to promote high-quality development of the display industry.

For example, BOE’s flexible OLED scroll-like display for smartphones can sustain up to 200,000 folds. Based on this technology, BOE has optimized the multi-neutral layer model design and developed an out-folding flexible display with a bend radium of 5mm, diversifying the forms of flexible displays. This state-of-the-art display illustrates how flexible OLED can be used on end products in the best way possible.

Using films made from organic luminescent materials, BOE’s 27-inch UHD OQD display can achieve 100% coverage of both DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB, delivering stunning true-to-life display effects. Compatibility with different color spaces makes the display suitable for more application scenarios. For example, a display device can support the dual features of digital cinema and professional photo editing, allowing users to switch between different modes as needed. Additionally, organic luminescent materials are eco-friendly and do no harm to humans, enjoying prominent advantages over cadmium selenide quantum dots.

BOE has independently developed a brand-new 12.3-inch top-emitting transparent AMOLED display with up to 50% light transmittance. More importantly, the design and process schemes hold great significance to the development of transparent OLED. This technology will be applied to in-car products, head-up displays, smart car windows and other fields.

As for small-sized products, BOE unveiled a new 1.57-inch LTPO+COE AMOLED display for wearables. Using the CIE 1976 L*a*b* color space system, BOE calculates the L, a and b values of the reflected light on COE display surface in hemispherical space and finally achieves systematic and objective assessment of color separation. Color separation standards are also formulated in this process, which are of great significance to the promotion and application of COE.

Evidently, displays are ubiquitous and applications are fully empowered, which holds the key to future value transition.

What makes BOE a shining “calling card” of China

China’s display industry is having its moment, and Chinese enterprises are at the forefront of the global industry market. Among them, BOE is undoubtedly the one and only enterprise well poised to take China’s display industry to a new level and lead the world. At Display Week 2021, BOE offered a holistic picture of its strategic arrangements and technological innovation.

On the basis of in-depth analysis of the semiconductor display and IoT market trends, BOE has developed a multi-tier strategy based on core capabilities and the extension of the industry value chain. It has established the “1+4+N” business structure centered on semiconductor display and composed of four business groups, namely Mini LED, Sensors and Solutions, Smart System Innovation and Smart Healthcare, consolidating its presence in various IoT segments. The four business groups constitute the fulcrum for follow-up endeavors; in particular, Sensors and Solutions, Smart System Innovation and Smart Healthcare are on track to create sustainable value.

“N” denotes numerous known and emerging demand scenarios and segments which enjoy broad prospects.

Behind BOE’s enterprising strategy is technological innovation, with display still in the centerpiece.

The cutting-edge technologies presented by BOE at the show reflect its endless pursuit of technological innovation, which will ultimately make displays omnipresent. 

Extraordinary technological expertise constitutes core competitiveness. BOE has secured its global leadership in technological innovation and applications of ADS Pro, flexible OLED and Mini/Micro LED, giving a strong boost to the core competitiveness in related fields.

ADS Pro, a high-end LCD display system and solution armed with BOE’s proprietary ADSDS technology, can deliver higher transmittance and brightness as well as higher contrast ratio. It boasts a host of strengths such as UHD image quality, an ultra-high refresh rate and fast response, making it an ideal for trend-setting high-end 8K TVs with 5G support that feature real-time shooting, transmission and display.

BOE has continued to expand the application scenarios of flexible OLEDs and brought them to a wide variety of fields including foldable laptops, smart wearables and smart cabins equipped with transparent A-pillar, flexible in-car three-in-one display and flexible taillight. Its flexible display shipments have maintained rapid growth.

In terms of Mini/Micro LED, BOE’s 75-inch 8K Mini LED backlit display has more than 5,000 zones and a million-level contrast ratio, achieving delicate and true-to-life display effects.

Technological innovation is an endless pursuit. Despite its unassailable lead in ADS Pro, flexible OLED and Mini/Micro LED, BOE has spared no effort in deploying more forward-looking technology.

BOE’s AMQLED displays require no backlight and boast a variety of advantages such as self-luminescence, a wide color gamut and a long service life, representing the direction of quantum dot display and major breakthroughs it has made in homogeneity and stability of large-size quantum dot printing technology. BOE’s reflective LCDs feature higher brightness and a higher contrast ratio and can deliver reading effects on par with physical books, making them an ideal for educational tablets and outdoor advertising. Its frontlit displays are also suitable for a wide range of application scenarios. BOE also offers custom OLEDs in various shapes tailored for diverse scenarios in a cost-effective manner, with manufacturing lead times significantly reduced.

Displays will be omnipresent. AR/VR devices and smart in-car products are just a small portion of the scenarios where BOE’s innovative display technologies are applied. By 2030, there will be 40 to 50 device sensors in every household in China, predicts IDC. From the perspective of interaction, more and more IoT devices will be equipped with displays, large or small. In alignment with BOE’s vision of “N” for display application scenarios, the “Internet of Displays” is precisely what BOE’s grand display strategy aspires for.

From display technology to applications and services and to the smart industry ecosystem, China has gained growing traction from the whole world. BOE, a pacesetter in the display industry, is definitely a shining “calling card” of China.

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