3 Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join

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Reddit, Facebook, and other forums are great places to have a personal finance conversation.

Key points

  • Andy Panko’s Taxes in Retirement is a rapidly growing community for those in or near retirement with tax questions and much more.
  • Reddit’s r/PersonalFinance is a subreddit with tens of millions of members talking about everything from insurance to employment.
  • The Bogleheads forum is a tightly knit group with a healthy skew towards investing.

If you can imagine it, you can probably find it online. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that millions of people the world over turn to the internet to find groups of like-minded personal finance nerds. Which of these communities is right for you? Read on to find out.

1. Taxes in Retirement

The community Taxes in Retirement calls Facebook home. Originally founded in March of 2020, the group now boasts over 32,000 members. What’s the reason for this rapid success?

The group’s mission is simply to be a place to learn and share knowledge of tax-efficient retirement planning. The forum allows users to tell their own stories and ask for advice from an understanding community. Many posts in the group start with the words “I am age X,” before…

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