What are safe investments during volatile markets? Experts weigh in

Investors searching for safe places to store some cash amid high inflation and volatile markets have options.

In continuation of Yahoo Finance’s series ‘What to do in a bear market,’ we asked the experts for some ideas about where to park money safely.

What is the safest vehicle for storing money during the bear market?

“The key to ‘storing’ money in a bear market is to find a balance between the best return and most liquidity, because if you’re in it for the long term you want to be an investor, not a ‘storer,’” Jennifer Bellis, private wealth adviser at U.S. Bank Wealth Management, told Yahoo Finance.

In this bear market and a result of rising interest rates, “short-term treasuries are the clear winner when it comes to parking money,” said Bellis.

Treasuries are bonds issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury backed by the government.

“For that reason, they’re usually considered to be the safest investment vehicles, but that doesn’t always mean the best or the smartest,” added Bellis.

“As of today, you can get over a 4% yield on a 6-month Treasury, whereas a year ago, the yield was .06%. Four percent might not sound huge, but the fact that it’s so short term makes the risk-reward an extremely attractive temporary solution,” she added.

What about I bonds?

The Treasury Department’s inflation-protected I bonds rate is set semi-annually. For example, between now and the end of October, investors earn a composite interest rate of 9.62% for the first six…

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