VAYK Expands App Development For Alt Income Producing Vacation Property Finance

Vaycaychella, Inc.

Dallas, Texas, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vaycaychella, Inc. (OTC Pink: VAYK) (“VAYK”) today announced the company is concentrating efforts on software development and building new functionality that it will launch when market and economic conditions are more ideally conducive to supporting the introduction of new products.

“The market and the economy are not ideal for early-stage companies looking to fund new developments and introduce new products,” said Bill Justice, CEO of VAYK. “We remain confident in our vision for introducing technologies that can expand the short-term rental vacation property market by empowering a broader segment of vacation property hosts.  We have delayed launching new functionality waiting for better market conditions.  In the meantime, we continue to develop new functionality that we will launch when market conditions improve.  We anticipate soft launching new functionality soon in order to micro-test market receptivity.  VAYK is conserving resources, quietly focusing on software development, and monitoring market and economic conditions in order to time the introduction of new functionality.”

VAYK is a technology company that last year introduced an award-winning Peer-2-Peer Alternative Finance Application (APP) for sourcing financing to purchase income producing vacation properties.

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