Universe Finance Announces The Launch of Its IDO

London, UK, Feb. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Universe Finance has confirmed that its IDO shall begin on the 15th of this month and run until the 18th. Universe Finance wants to provide the finest Uniswap V3 active liquidity management platform on Polygon and Ethereum, and its products, features and services are hence all tailored to meet this objective.

Was there a specific reason to pick Uniswap V3?

Universe Finance picked Uniswap V3 due to several factors. By expanding liquidity in a certain range, Uniswap V3 can help increase LP profit several times over when compared to V2. It is also one of the top DEXs right now, with outstanding depth and little slippage, as well as a large transaction volume and market share. However, various challenges must be addressed before significant quantities may be gathered.

These challenges involve the difficulty of precisely anticipating the frequency and time of rebalancing, and also determining the best pricing range. Not only that, gas fees are often known to be really high, and there may be issues with the inability to deal with harsh market circumstances, unpredictability and volatility.

What does Universe Finance actually offer?

Universe Finance is very secure because it employs techniques that prevent flash loan assaults, price oracle manipulation, sandwich attempts, threats to private keys, and excessive contract authority. Universe Finance contains extremely limited parameters and a multi-signature scheme, a…

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