This Mother’s Day, Choose Finance Over Flowers, Gift Her the Best Investments Money Can Buy

Aai. Ammi. Amma. Mumma. Mai

Irrespective of how you choose to address her, mothers are a constant source of comfort, selfless love, best advice and soul-satiating food. And while she deserves a celebration every day for all that she does, the world singled out May the 8th for you to show your appreciation.

And if you’re unsure about what to get her, or it has simply slipped your mind, it’s not too late. But move over simply scrambling and putting together the standard gift ensemble of a bouquet, jewellery, day-out and cakes.

Take some gifting cues from popular content creator Anushka Rathod, who recently helped her mother figure out all assets, liabilities and policies she had to her name.

“Although my mother handles the management of household expenses and budgets, she is absolutely oblivious to the other vital financial affairs. And for that reason, I helped my mother figure out all finance-related things in her name as well as my father’s. This ranged from the explanation on the working of financial instruments to en-cashing assets in case of emergencies,” she says.

Indeed, what better gift than something that empowers and instills confidence in her, particularly in matters of money? Even something as small as teaching her how to use net-banking features can go a long way.

And like Anushka’s mother, if you have also seen your mother being passive in aspects like investments, insurance covers and more, it’s time to change that, starting today.

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