The benefits of a digitalised government finance platform

Matthew Ng, ANZ Microsoft Dynamics 365 (finance & operations) GTM manager, offers up the top trends for CFOs, including the benefits of a modern finance system in the government sector.

We all know that delivering consistent, proactive and secure services is a complex job in the public sector. A rapidly changing economic landscape requires most government CFOs to manage financial resources more effectively and with clearer citizen and policy outcomes.

That’s where low-code development tools with out-of-the-box capabilities as well as the flexibility to cater for organisations’ specific needs can accelerate the journey to a single source of financial truth.

Digitalisation is the key step in a journey toward simpler, smarter, more stable finance services. Not only do departments gain powerful visibility of their data – spanning from the grand view to the granular – teams can use it to make faster, better informed, more accurate decisions. When departments move to a digitalised finance system that can weather disruptions, they look to benefit from these five areas:

1. Make smarter decisions with a single source of truth

Traditional government finance platforms often become complex over time and face end of life. This makes it difficult to accurately manage risk, deliver accountability and make informed decisions. That’s because they need to know what they’ve got before they can use it.

Consolidating and unleashing the full…

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