So You Want a Career in Finance?

How do you get started with a career in finance? What about a career in financial freedom? Discussion of these questions and more in this mailbag episode of the Rule Breaker Investing podcast.

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This video was recorded on September 28, 2022.

David Gardner: You want to get started with a career in financial services or investing, or financial freedom. Maybe you’re middle-aged and considering switching into our field, throwing away your collar, blue or white, in favor of a Motley cap. Well, if this is you, glad you asked because a few others did too this month, which is why here at month’s end in your Rule Breaker Investing mailbag, we’re going to speak to that, these things plus a visit from my Rule Breakers team and other sundry delights and treats only on this week’s Rule Breaker Investing

Welcome back to Rule Breaker Investing sundry delights and treats. I think I just said a little while ago. Reminds me of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Do you remember Edmond? Do you remember the white which, and do you remember the white witch offering Edmond Turkish delight? I don’t think I’ve ever had Turkish delight. I don’t think people talk about it much anymore, but I did do a little research. Apparently, it’s absolutely delicious and it’s not that easy to…

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