Save more and earn more with a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

Dec 27, 2021 14:23 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], December 27 (ANI/NewsVoir): A fixed deposit is a sensible financial tool for those who don’t want to risk their investment.
Safety of deposit amount, secured returns, timely payouts and investment ease are a few factors that make it a preferred investment tool for risk-averse investors.
While these instruments usually yield lower returns, Bajaj Finance online FD offers the dual benefit of high returns and the safety of parked funds. Bajaj Finance is a financier with high-paying fixed deposit plans that provide lucrative returns over a long tenor.
However, choosing the right time to park funds in an FD could be challenging due to interest rate fluctuations, primarily when investing funds for a short tenor. Laddering deposits is an effective way to combat fluctuating interest rates and combat investment risk.
Laddering deposits for amplified returns
Fixed deposit laddering is an investment strategy where investors park their money in multiple FDs of different tenors. The method involves dividing funds and investing them in separate FDs instead of locking the entire deposit amount in one FD.
Study the table below to determine how much a citizen aged below 60 can make with an investment of Rs. 6 lakh by laddering it across varied tenors.

One can choose to re-invest the maturity amount received at the…

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