Personal Finance App Ranking Sees Gains, Losses

It’s good to take a look at the books every once in a while and see where things stand. PYMNTS does this monthly with its analysis of apps, including the one featured here: the latest Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps.

What did it find? Well, last month’s top three finishers have held onto their positions. There’s some movement elsewhere in the rankings, however, and three movers and shakers have made notable improvements to their scores. 

The Top 5

At the top of the list again is Chime. This app earns a score of 99. 

Just two points back is Stash. This app is the runner-up, as it was last month, with a score of 97. 

Also holding the same position it held last time is Robinhood. This app is ranked third with a score of 93. 

Only a point behind that is Albert Save And Spend Smarter. With a score of 92, this app has moved up a position since last month and now rests at No. 4. 

One point behind that is Mint, with a score of 91. This app has stepped down one level in the rankings since last time. 

The Top 10 

Next up is Acorns, which has moved up two positions since last time and is now ranked sixth. With a score that’s 12 points higher than month — now standing at 85 — this app is also this month’s biggest mover and shaker. 

Close behind with a score of 84 is myWisely Financial Wellness. This app has slipped one position in the rankings, landing at No. 7. Still, it has added seven points to its score, making it a mover and shaker. 

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