Over 200 healthcare organizations ask HHS to keep direct contracting

Photo: Willie B. Thomas/Getty Images

More than 200 healthcare organizations have asked Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra to keep the Global and Professional Direct Contracting Model as some Democrats speak out against the Trump-era Medicare program.

The 222 organizations sent a letter to Becerra, saying “fix, don’t end” the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Direct Contracting Model. 

Supporters include health systems such as Banner Health, Intermountain and Sutter Health.

In the sign-on letter, the trade group National Association of ACOs said Direct Contracting is currently the premier accountable care model from the CMS Innovation Center. It seeks to build on the successful Next Generation ACO Model, while redesigning healthcare delivery and payment, NAACOS said.

Fixes could include a rebranding and name change as the Geographic Direct Contracting Model – which is very different and has been stopped – is being confused with the Global and Professional Direct Contracting Model.


Should the Global and Professional Direct Contracting be abruptly ended, healthcare providers would be terminated from value-based payment participation without warning, making them far less likely to invest and participate in future CMS payment models, NAACOS said.

Also, direct contracting entities have proportionately more providers in communities with high numbers of low-income and minority patients, NAACOS said. Killing the model would hurt…

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