Otsego students get ‘ConnectEd with finance skills | Community

TONTOGANY – Otsego ConnectEd will give students the knowledge on how to lead a financially independent life.

Curt Williams, an intervention specialist at the Otsego High School, introduced the program at the school board’s November meeting. He said that the program will be a catalyst that will lead to a strong foundation for students after high school. It will connect classroom instruction and a supportive community with the skills the student needs to lead a fulfilling, successful independent life after high school.

Williams said a book he was given a few years ago – “Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations” – resonated with him.

“It really talked about purpose for kids moving from teenagers to adult years and their jobs,” Williams said.

He submitted a grant to the Otsego Endowment Foundation to fund a curriculum to help students make decisions on how to get a job and make the right career choice and how to match their goals with their personal life.

There will be three classes that make up Otsego ConnectEd.

There is the foundation class, which will help junors and seniors learn professional skills such as interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, time management and interpersonal communications. It also will help them pick a career that is right for them. This is a one…

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