Navy Federal Financial Group’s Brokerage Services Renamed “Navy Federal Investment Services”

VIENNA, Va., January 04, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Navy Federal Financial Group (NFFG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navy Federal Credit Union, announced today that the organization’s broker-dealer and registered investment advisory solutions business, Navy Federal Brokerage Services (NFBS), has been renamed Navy Federal Investment Services (NFIS). Existing NFBS members will notice the new logo and disclosure on all account statements, documents and online services moving forward.

“For over 20 years, NFFG has strived to help our members reach their financial goals using a personalized financial planning approach,” said Diane Young, COO of Navy Federal Financial Group. “Within Navy Federal Investment Services, we are dedicated to the same mission: providing top-of-the-line financial service to our members each day.”

Through NFIS, Navy Federal will continue assisting members and their families with investment goals pertaining to retirement, tuition and saving for other life events. NFFG and NFIS will also continue to ensure financial protection by addressing insurance, trust and estate planning needs.

“The decision to rebrand the investment and advisory services business as NFIS was made in part to more closely align the name of the company with the range of services and products needed by our members. We are honored to continue meeting our members investment planning needs, and excited about this refreshing change,” concluded Young.

Investment and advisory services are…

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