Mosby campaign corrects its finance report, now says California donor contributed $6,000, not an illegal $12,000

The Marilyn Mosby campaign scrambled today to fix the finance report it submitted last night to the State Elections Board, avoiding a potential violation of Maryland election law, but revealing that the campaign raised even less money than previously disclosed following her federal indictment.

Just hours after The Brew reported that Patricia “Patty” Quillin, wife of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, may have exceeded individual donor limits with two $6,000 donations, the Mosby campaign amended its report to delete one of the contributions.

The change kept Quillin, a Santa Cruz, Calif., philanthropist, within the state limit of $6,000 per donor in a four-year election cycle.

The change, however, dropped total contributions given to Mosby since her January 13 indictment from $38,738 to $32,738.

That’s a fraction of the $1,050,112 raised over the same period by Ivan Bates and Thiru Vignarajah, her two Democratic rivals in the state’s attorney’s race.

Mosby, a two-term incumbent wracked with financial and fundraising controversies (here, here and here), is coming into the final stretch of the primary campaign with diminished resources – only $172,000 on hand compared to $454,000 for Bates, a private trial lawyer, and $641,000 for Vignarajah, a former federal prosecutor.

More than half of her latest contributions did not come locally but from out-of-state sources. In addition to Quillin, they included $6,000 from an Oakland, Calif., philanthropist; $1,500 from a Brooklyn,…

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