January Webinar 2022 – A Practitioner’s Guide to Trade and Commodity Finance – a new edition and beyond | Sullivan & Worcester

[co-author; Talal Khan, trainee]

Sam Fowler-Holmes, Partner assisted by Jacqueline Cook, Of Counsel and Senior Knowledge Development Lawyer, presented our January webinar which looked at the second edition to A Practitioner’s Guide to Trade and Commodity Finance (“Guide”) which our Trade and Export Finance has updated and greatly expanded under the editorship of Geoffrey Wynne. The book, published at the end of 2021, marks a significant milestone for the firm marking ten years since the first edition. Sam gave a synopsis of what the Guide covers and how much development there has been in the area of trade, commodity and export finance and Jacqueline gave a round-up of some key legal and regulatory issues, some of which are still in development The Guide is based on English law and where appropriate gives some examples from other jurisdictions.

The new enhanced Guide serves, not just as an introduction to the key areas of trade finance, for those who are new to the sector but can also assist those already involved in trade and commodity finance by illustrating different structures and products available.

The Guide illustrates the interrelated nature of trade finance in all its guises, whether in relation to warehouse financing, receivables financing, collateral or insurance matters, as many of the same considerations permeate various areas of trade finance especially with respect to the risk.

Some of the key areas of the Guide

  • Export credit agency finance….

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