How To Save on Your Next Grocery Trip

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Inflation has been a huge topic this year, with rising gas prices often the focal point. But rising food costs are a severe strain on the budgets of many. In fact, over 42% of respondents to GOBankingRates’ Year in Review survey said that rising food costs impacted their finances the most in 2022.

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That figure was much higher than the 24% who said gas prices had the largest impact. And it makes sense — the latest CPI inflation data shows that prices for food at home are up 12% in the past 12 months. That’s even bigger than the increase in food costs away from home, so you’ll have to be savvy if you don’t want to derail your budget.

Despite this news, there are many ways you can keep your grocery costs under control. Reducing the impact of rising food prices is possible with the right moves. Here are some of the best ways to save on groceries.

Make a List

Making a list before heading to the grocery store can help you remember everything you need. However, it can also help you stick to your budget.

By making a list and keeping to it, you can avoid overspending. Some of the things you might buy if you don’t have a list might be marked up more than others. Even if they aren’t, if you buy things you don’t need, they might spoil before you use them. Know what you need before you go, and only buy those things.

Use Coupons

It may not be a revolutionary idea,…

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