Former Carver Finance Director Meg LaMay seeks to protect reputation

CARVER – Former Finance Director Meg LaMay wants to set the record straight about allegations she was the reason why the town’s free cash was approved so late for fiscal 2022.

LaMay still works in municipal finance following her years as finance director in Carver and takes exception to what she feels was an attempt to discredit her. She doesn’t appreciate remarks that were made at a joint meeting of the Finance Committee and Capital Outlay Committee.

“This was said in a public forum that can be viewed on YouTube, and I don’t appreciate lies being spoken about me that could disparage my reputation when they’re absolutely not true,” she said.

Municipalities typically have their free cash certified by the state Department of Revenue’s Division of Local Services by the end of October.

According to the DLS website, Carver’s free cash for fiscal 2022 in the amount of $3.2 million, or 6.32 percent of the $50.8 million operating budget, wasn’t certified until March 10, but its free cash had been certified in October the previous four years, from fiscal 2018 through fiscal 2021.

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