Finance expert reveals cheapest time and day to fill your car with fuel

A content creator on TikTok has taken to social media to reveal the best day of the week to fill up on petrol – amidst a cost of living crisis across the UK, strapping motorists of cash.

The financial guru, who goes by the name ‘NDA’ online, has amassed some 572.6k followers online, and has earned 4.6 million likes on his account.

In a recent video uploaded to their channel, the money-saving expert urged Britons to full up tanks on a Monday to secure the cheapest fuel rates.

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He said: “According to the Automobile Club Association study, Monday is the best day of the week for fuel prices.” Prices are at their lowest on Monday as they ‘fluctuate throughout the week,’ added the content creator.

The Mirror reports that the influencer also claims filling up in the middle of the day proves to be more expensive – especially in warmer temperatures. He added: “Plus, you should fill up in the morning since the volume or diesel varies depending on the temperature outside.

The finance expert in-turn says that you should fill up early in the morning or later at night. However, not all are in agreement with the thesis.

Andrew Marshall, marketing and partnerships manager at Carmoney said the day of the week drivers fill up on is unlikely to make any noticeable difference to their bill. Speaking to the Express, he said: “The fluctuations in fuel prices over a weekly period will be very minimal,…

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