Finance director set to retire after nearly 22 years with county | Local News

PAOLA – Steve Lyman loves putting together a good puzzle.

That’s how the top finance official for the county approaches the annual budget, with input from more than 20 departments, to present to county commissioners for final approval.

Lyman will retire as the county’s finance director on March 31 after spending nearly 22 years with the county.

“I enjoy putting the annual budget together for the county, with the input of all the departments,” Lyman said. “It’s kind of a puzzle. It’s kind of fun to put it all together, while making sure we abide by all the statutes that regulate the county.”

Commission Chair Rob Roberts said he can count on Lyman to ensure the county’s financial affairs are in good order.

“He is definitely the absolute best person Miami County could have managing the county tax dollars,” Roberts said. “Steve knows every aspect of the legal requirements for protecting our financial system. You ask him about any budget-related question, he has the answer.”

When called upon in commission meetings, Lyman often can quote budget figures for any department or any line item in the budget without having to look them up. And he’s always right.

The team player’s knack for numbers has helped him move up the ladder with the county, after former County Clerk Kathy Peckman hired him in July 2000 as an accounts…

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