‘Feeling great about your finances’: Advisor offers tips for 2023

Last year was a tough year financially, but you can get your books in order 2023, one financial advisor says.

Kalee Boisvert said it begins with coming to terms with 2022.

“We saw inflation, which made everything expensive. We had interest rates rising. We had the stock markets going down. We were getting hit on all ends. It wasn’t a great year for money.”

She said this year was a fresh start for those wanting to improve their finances.

Boisvert advised thinking of goals as intentions, rather than resolutions.

“New year’s resolutions sometimes feels a bit heavy,” she said.

“A good intention for anyone this year is feeling great about your finances. That way, everything that comes at you, you can assess as ‘does this go in the direction of feeling good or not so much?’”

She said the three biggest issues for those struggling with money were debt, spending and saving.


Getting rid of debt was an important goal, Boisvert said.

“A lot of times when it comes to debt we want to turn away and hide from it. But we need to look at it and assess and address ‘where I’m at.’”

She said it was important to start by taking an inventory of debt.

“From there it’s taking action. When we’re taking action, we want to set SMART goals when paying down debt.”

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely, Boisvert explained.

“The uncomfortable part of debt is you…

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