Egypt Ministry of Finance Taps IBM and SAP for Automation

CAIRO — The Egypt Ministry of Finance is working with IBM and SAP to help automate the country’s tax system as part of the federal government’s digital transformation strategy.

IBM Consulting is collaborating with its partner SAP to provide Egypt with an integrated solution based on the SAP Tax and Revenue Management for Public Sector package, according to IBM this month.

The implementation is part of a national project by the Ministry of Finance to automate and digitalize the country’s tax processes and procedures: to integrate the informal economy into the formal economy; enhance governance over tax returns; and expand the tax base. The project is expected to “lay the foundations for tax justice and fair competition in markets.”

The software package is intended to give the Ministry of Finance a business operations platform to help streamline and automate its processes into intelligent workflows, enhance collaboration, and “elevate” its citizen experiences.

The package was piloted with 10 tax offices in greater Cairo and will expand across Egypt this year.

Under the collaboration, IBM also implemented IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, which is set up to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into the ministry’s processes and provide taxpayers, tax officers, and collectors with a more automated and governed “taxation journey.” This offering can help the ministry enhance the accuracy of taxpayer submissions and “enable higher-value work,”…

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