DoD finance chief sexually harassed subordinates, used racial slur

The Pentagon’s former chief financial officer made sexually suggestive comments to subordinates, used the N-word and drank alcohol at work without authorization, according to a Defense Department inspector general’s report released Thursday.

Officially, Douglas Glenn was performing the duties of Pentagon comptroller in April 2021 when the inspector general investigated him for a litany of bad behavior, including unsubstantiated allegations that he disparaged his staff and “screamed” at subordinates in the Pentagon’s hallways, according to the report.

While Glenn told investigators he didn’t recall making any sexual remarks, he “admitted that he used the N‑word twice during one conversation but indicated that he did not intend to offend anyone, and it saddened him that he did not notice any discomfort in his employees resulting from his conduct,” the investigation found.

The investigation concluded in fall 2022, a year after Glenn left the Defense Department to take a job as chief financial officer at the Office of Personnel Management, where he still works.

Eighteen witnesses spoke with IG investigators, eight of whom described Glenn as “professional, caring, approachable, straightforward, easygoing, friendly, honest, and personable,” according to the report, though five of them said he made insensitive comments.

“One witness said that Mr. Glenn was laid‑back but also said that he was racially insensitive. The second witness described Mr. Glenn as…

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