Cryptocurrency salaries revealed: From $60,000 to $400,000, here's how much you could earn working in cryptocurrency – and actual job listings at Coinbase, Facebook, PayPal, and more.

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Much like the currencies themselves, jobs in the crypto world are growing.

An analysis by job search engine Monster found that job postings with the terms “cryptocurrency,” “blockchain,” or “bitcoin” grew almost 200% from 2017 to 2018. In 2020, LinkedIn named blockchain as the most desired skill among companies when searching for new applicants. 

Cryptocurrency has been around since 2009, when bitcoin was introduced. Since then, the crypto world has exploded. Now, thousands of cryptocurrencies are available, and products supporting these cryptocurrencies – wallets, trading platforms, and so on – are readily accessible to anyone interested in the decentralized investment. 

Using data from the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification, Insider examined salaries to understand how much employees can make in the crypto universe. Our analysis included nearly 300 visa applications for both crypto-focused jobs at big companies like Facebook and Forbes to crypto-focused companies like Coinbase and Galaxy.

It’s worth noting that the H-1(B) data only provides salary information, and does not include other types of compensation and benefits that employees may receive in their roles, like bonuses, performance awards, or benefits. 

Let’s dig into the types of jobs in the cryptocurrency industry, how much they pay, and who is currently hiring. 

Depending on the job, visa applications for blockchain positions included salaries from around $60,000 to nearly $200,000. blockchain

Blockchain is essentially an open-source database with encrypted accounts of bitcoin transactions — the transactions are stored in clustered “blocks.” Together, these blocks form a chain of data called the “blockchain.” 

While the highest demand for blockchain jobs is for software engineers, there are a variety of positions that blockchain experts can look into. 

Insider analyzed nearly 100 H-1(B) visas for Blockchain positions at firms in software application development, IT consulting, digital solutions, and more. Many of the visa applications examined for blockchain positions were located in New York and California.

Blockchain Analyst: $66,000 – $103,064

Blockchain Application Architect: $153,000 – $165,000

Blockchain Consultant: $70,283 – $100,700

Blockchain Developer: $77,200 – $120,000

Blockchain Engineer: $80,000 – $160,000

Blockchain Integration Engineer: $108,000 – $150,000

Blockchain Programmer: $85,000 – $100,000

Blockchain Software Engineer: $93,642 – $194,400

Current blockchain job openings

A simple LinkedIn search for the term “blockchain” resulted in more than 3,500 results in the US, including for jobs at big companies like Forbes and Facebook (which has its own cryptocurrency called Libra). 

Below, we’ve listed a few positions that are open as of January 15, 2021. 

Facebook positions: 

Product Manager, Libra Blockchain

Research Intern, Novi

Privacy and Data Policy Manager

Product Manager, Novi (Core Payments)

Forbes positions: 

Product Owner – Forbes Digital Assets (Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain)

Digital Assets Digital Analyst

JPMorgan Chase positions:

Product Strategy – Blockchain – VP

Blockchain Product Manager – VP

Blockchain Security Architect

Software Engineering-Blockchain Demos & Networking

Principal Developer – Blockchain Technology

See all current openings on LinkedIn here

General crypto jobs A visual representation of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin

As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, companies are investing in crypto-specific jobs outside of blockchain. Visa applications included jobs for crypto researchers, engineers, architects, and more. 

Salaries ranged from around $70,000 to over $300,000 and included jobs in Georgia, New York, Washington, and California. 

Cryptocurrency Researcher/Analyst: $121,410

Cryptocurrency Statistical Research Analyst: $70,720

Financial Analyst: Deal Partner Distributed Systems & Crypto: $312,000 – $312,050

Sr. Software Engineer Applets, Crypto & Devices: $131,726 – $160,000

Senior Backend Engineer, Crypto: $155,000 – $160,000

Crypto Engineer: $105,955

Crypto Mining Engineer: $125,000

Crypto Security Solutions Architect: $78,000

Positions currently available in broader crypto jobs include researchers, investigators, and strategy managers.

Though a majority of jobs currently posted in the cryptocurrency industry are for blockchain, there are jobs that focus on different aspects of cryptocurrency as well.

Below, we’ve listed jobs from the financial transaction firm PayPal and consulting firm KPMG. 

Paypal positions: 

Sr. Cryptocurrency Threat Researcher

Cryptocurrency Investigations Specialist

GFC Manager Crypto & Blockchain Strategy

KPMG positions:

Senior Associate, Crypto Innovation Consultant

Associate, Crypto Innovation Consultant

The above represents only a few of the jobs listed. Other jobs available were at smaller firms investing in crypto talent.

Find a full list of job openings related to cryptocurrency here

There are many jobs open at jobs that focus only on cryptocurrency, such as Coinbase, Galaxy, and more. puppies in the Coinbase office

You typically have two options when looking to work with crypto: You can get a technical job working with cryptocurrency and blockchain, or you can get a more general role at a cryptocurrency company.

Professionals in fields like human resources, project management, or management can work at companies such as Coinbase, Galaxy Digital, or Genesis, which all have business models built around cryptocurrency storage, investment, consulting, or purchase. 

The company with the highest number of H-1(B) visas was Coinbase, which hired mainly engineers, but also data scientists, recruiters, and operations employees using the foreign worker visas. Here are a few of the positions Coinbase hired, and how much it paid:

Backend Engineer: $160,000

Business Analytics Associate: $148,500

Business Development Associate: $140,000

Data Scientist: $160,000

Operations Recruiting Manager: $125,100 – $135,000

Senior Engineering Manager: $260,000

Senior Recruiter: $155,015

Galaxy and Genesis, both digital asset financial management firms, hired fewer employees through visas in 2019 and 2020. The positions are listed below:

Galaxy salaries:

Financial Analyst: $120,000

Investment Analyst: $106,500

Managing Director: $400,000

Genesis salaries:

Financial Analyst: $74,797

Current job openings at crypto firms

Though our analysis of H-1(B) only included a few crypto companies, many firms in the crypto space are currently hiring.

The open positions offer work in a variety of professional roles. We’ve listed those below.

Coinbase positions: 

Business Operations & Strategy Associate

Data Platform Engineer

Staff Software Engineer – Mobile Release & Automation

Salesforce Engineer, CX & Product

Global GL Operations Accountant

Senior Technical Sourcer – Contract

Security Compliance Analyst 

Binance positions:

Business Development Manager – Binance Chain DEX

Data Analyst/BI

API Solution Engineer (Python+Node.JS Developer; Client Support)

Back-End Web Developer (Node.JS)

Performance QA & Test Engineer

Treasury Analyst

Product Manager (Front-End)

Genesis positions: 

Overnight Trader

Security Engineer

Derivatives Attorney

Risk Quantitative Developer

Compliance Administrative Assistant

DevOps Engineer

Lending Operations Analyst

Software Engineer

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