Climate Finance and Human Rights Will Define COP27

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly referred to as COP27, is being held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from November 6 to 18. Egyptian organizers have dubbed this year’s talks “Implementation COP” to encourage nations to take action on prior commitments and agreements. 

At the heart of the talks is the fate of the 2009 Copenhagen Accord, in which wealthier nations promised to channel $100 billion per year to less wealthy countries in order to assist with climate change mitigation and adaptation no later than 2020. However, the $100 billion annual target has yet to be reached, and there is growing skepticism that the pledge will be substantial enough to protect the world’s most vulnerable populations from the growing threat of climate change.

Mohamed Nasr, Director General of Climate, Environment, and Sustainable Development at Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said, “Current commitments are a floor and not a ceiling.  More is needed if we are to deliver an effective response to protect people from climate change.”

COP27: controversy behind payments for loss and damage

Egyptian organizers have said for months that financial assistance for developing countries would be one of the top priorities of COP27. This year, Pakistan will lead one of the largest negotiations over financing for climate-related loss and damage, talks that could take centerstage.

Pakistan’s delegation is expected to demand that wealthy countries meet their…

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