Charity Digital – Events – Charity finance: budgeting, futureproofing, and reporting

Finance can seem daunting, with all the confusing terminology and frustrating processes. Many charities, particularly smaller charities, avoid the complexities of finance, instead treating organisational finances like personal finances. That can create problems in terms of efficiency, transparency, reporting, accountability, and so much more. That’s why we want to give you a simple introduction to finance, covering budgeting, futureproofing, sustainability, and so much more. 


Each workshop offers insight into key elements of charity finance. The first will examine budgeting, looking at how charities can keep finances under control, avoid poor decision-making, and promote long-term viability. The second will cover sustainability, with insight into income diversification, cash flow governance, cost control, and much more. The third workshop will look at reporting, giving a step-by-step guide and looking at the various requirements that charities must fulfill along the way.  


Attendees can pick the workshop that most suits their needs, or they can attend all of them. Whatever best suits you. You can read below for a quick overview of each session and a more detailed breakdown will appear shortly in the tabs above. We look forward to seeing you.  


Workshops are open on an application basis for up to 20 people, please review the deadlines below to be sure not to miss out. 


Workshop 1: A practical guide to effective budgeting

9th February…

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