California combats financial illiteracy in schools

NGPF will train teachers through “professional development workshops.” These workshops are open to all California educators and will teach them how to facilitate finance classes for students. Teachers will also have the opportunity to receive compensation if they participate in the course. NGPF will be giving a $500 stipend to the first 1,000 public school teachers who complete 20 hours of the workshop. 

Since 2018, 15 states have started working with NGPF to help guarantee access to finance classes, and though California is not one of them, it is a goal of Thurmonds. Part of NGPF’s goals through this grant is to reach California’s five largest school districts: Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Long Beach and San Francisco. NGPF will offer a matching grant program so that these five districts can hire a personal finance specialist to aid in educating teachers and students. 

“Through engaging lessons, we can teach students how to manage their finances, avoid debt and how to make informed and wise choices that will benefit them throughout their lives,” Thurmond said.

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