Aptitude Software launches Fynapse, a next-generation, automated finance management platform

A cloud-native platform designed to empower the CFO and enable a fully digital finance function.

LONDON, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Aptitude Software, a specialist provider of finance transformation and automation software, is launching Fynapse, a next-generation, automated finance management platform. Fynapse is designed to revolutionize the office of finance by giving them the control and insights needed to enable strategic business value better, faster, and at a lower cost.

The CFO and the finance department are being asked to do more than ever. In addition to supporting compliance and reporting, finance must advise the business with data-backed insights, enable new business models, provide real-time forecasting, and more. The modular nature and finance user friendly design of Fynapse gives teams the ability to address priority business needs and implement solutions faster, reducing time to value.

David Fourie, Partner at Advisory firm, KPMG LLP, states, “The mission of the CFO has shifted to that of trusted business advisor and transformation enabler, but the systems and solutions they use are often not equipped to deliver on that mission. Fynapse enables the capabilities required by today’s finance teams and reflects that shift in the market towards automation, scalability, and near real time processes.” 

Fynapse is a SaaS solution that has been architected from the ground up, using the latest advancements in digital technology, data handling, and…

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